FWEDA Products and Services

As a member of Far West Equipment Dealers Association you have access to Free Legal Assistance from Seigfried Bingham, PC.

Seigfreid Bingham has more than 30 years of experience working with dealers and dealer associations throughout North America. They have worked with many types of equipment dealers including farm, construction and outdoor power equipment dealers.

They serve as general counsel to equipment dealer associations that focus on the needs of more than 6,000 equipment dealers throughout North America, including SouthWestern Association, North American Equipment Dealers Association and Far West Equipment Dealers Association.

As counsel to the associations, they provide advice in many strategic and day to day matters, including:
  • Antitrust compliance;
  • Corporate governance;
  • Formation of industry-related joint ventures;
  • Negotiation of endorsement agreements;
  • Draft legislation governing relationships between dealers and manufacturers; and
  • Provide legal support to associations with respect to legislative and manufacturer relations initiatives.
Their attorneys are also active presenters at dealer conventions and meetings on industry-related issues.

Due to their in-depth knowledge of the equipment industry and its current legal trends, as well as frequent interaction with manufacturers, they also provide relevant and cost-effective advice to equipment dealers in a wide variety of matters such as:
  • Dealership purchases, sales and mergers, including assistance with applicable manufacturer consent processes;
  • Tax and succession/estate planning;
  • Employment matters, including wage and hour law compliance, human resources training and audit programs, employee handbooks, workers’ compensation and hiring and termination practices;
  • Equity compensation plans for key employees;
  • Negotiation of dealer agreements and financing agreements;
  • Enforcement of statutes governing the relationship between dealers and manufacturers, including disputes relating to buy-back rights, wrongful termination, ownership transfers and warranty reimbursement; and
  • Customer relationship issues, including enforcement of repair lien rights, credit practices and warranty and product liability claims.
If you are a member of the Association and would like to contact Seigfried Bingham, P.C. please call (816) 421-4460.