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2016 CODB Balance Sheet 
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Survey Descriptions

Compensation & Benefits Survey
This survey is used to obtain data to evaluate the financial compensation and benefits provided to employees of dealerships throughout North America. This data is valuable to dealers and dealer associations to help us determine whether this industry offers competitive pay and benefits to attract professional managers and other highly skilled dealership employees.

Cost of Doing Business (CODB) Survey
This survey is a compilation of the Far West Equipment Dealers Association and the Southwestern Equipment Dealers Association.
  • Participants can compare their financial performance to that of all dealers (regardless of lines or manufacturers represented)
  • Dealers/Members need this information to assist in the valuation process of their businesses for estate planning, buy/sell agreements; sales, mergers/consolidation purposes
  • The CODB Report will include benchmarks in the survey so that dealership goals and budgets can be established for future years
  • A trade association should establish the tradition of generating this type of survey so that trends in business can be established and information can be gleaned that will help dealers improve financial performance in future years
Dealer-Manufacturer Relations Survey
The NAEDA survey is emailed exclusively to selected dealers in the U.S. and Canada (main stores only) who are members of the North American Equipment Dealers Association.

Dealers are asked to rate manufacturers on the 1-7 scale in the following 12 categories:
  • Overall Satisfaction
  • Product Availability
  • Product Quality
  • Product Technical Support
  • Parts Availability
  • Parts Quality
  • Return Privileges
  • Communiactions with Management
  • Warranty Procedures
  • Warranty Payments
  • Marketing and Advertising Support
  • Manufacturer Response to Dealers Needs/Concerns
Responses are compiled and the results are shared with corresponding manufacturers. The report contains valuable feedback and information about the relationship between dealers and their suppliers.

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Compensation & Benefits 


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Cost of Doing Business


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Dealer-Manufacturer Relations 


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