Association Structure

The Far West Equipment Dealers Associations are non-profit organizations representing agricultural, industrial, material handling, outdoor power and rental equipment dealers in Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. Far West also represents hardware and lumber dealers in Colorado, Wyoming, and Utah. There are four non-profit Associations and one for profit Corporation to serve the needs of the members.

Far West Equipment Dealers Association
Originally incorporated as the California Farm Equipment Dealers Association in 1946, the name was changed in 1970 to reflect the addition of Arizona and Nevada dealers. In 1998, a merger between the Mountain States Association and Far West was completed with the name remaining Far West Equipment Dealers Association. Membership is made up of agricultural and outdoor power equipment dealers.

Far West Industrial Equipment Dealers Association
The Corporation was established in 1971 to serve the growing needs of industrial equipment dealers. Membership is made up of industrial and material handling dealers.

Far West Rental Dealers Association
The Association was incorporated in 1993 to serve the needs of those firms dealing in Agricultural and Industrial Equipment Rentals. Membership is made up of rental yard dealers.

Far West Oil Dealers Association
The Association was established in 1997 to serve the need of those firms dealing in viscous oil. Membership is made up of oil dealers.

FWEDA Services, Inc.
This for-profit Corporation was established in 1974 because of the growing revenue coming from services of the Associations not eligible for tax exemption. Today all revenues except member dues and any interest earned on the dues, and the annual convention, are taken in by this entity.


All the Associations and FWEDA Services, Inc. operate under the umbrella of Far West Equipment Dealers Association and with the same Board of Directors. New Directors are nominated based on representing the principle areas of the Association, considering an adequate mix of the major suppliers, but most importantly, a willingness to serve. Directors are elected to serve three year terms and can serve an additional three years, unless elected as an officer of the Associations, upon which they then serve an additional four years. There are up to twelve directors including the officers. The officers are: Chairman, 1st Vice Chairman, 2nd Vice Chairman, Immediate Past Chairman, National Director and President/CEO. The Immediate Past Chairman serves as an exofficio director for one year, then retires from the board.