The Association has nine committees and are used to investigate, deliberate and analyze special issues on behalf of the Board.

Committee Descriptions

Budget/Audit Committee
Assists executive vice president with preparation of the annual budget, examines the books and records of the Corporations as required in the bylaws and provides counsel in the financial operations of the Associations.

Convention Committee
Recommends Convention and Board meeting sites for the Association staff to act on. Assists the executive vice president with the convention.

Education/Area Meetings Committee
It’s purpose is to develope guidelines and goals for specific programs in education and training to be presented to dealer members through the Association.

Executive Committee
Made up of the Association officers, immediate past president and NAEDA director. They meet prior to each Board meeting and when called by the president who presides over the meetings. The committee recommends policy to the Board of Directors in line with the Association by-laws.

Insurance/Endorsed Provider Committee
Reviews and recommends products and services that will provide a benefit and value to Far West members. Products endorsed by FWEDA will be the recommended provider for such products and services for Far West members.

Legislative Affairs Committee
Monitors legislative activity at the state and national level and recommends action on legislation affecting the Association.

Long Range Planning Committee
Its purpose is to give the organization direction and to lay the groundwork for long-range goals that are practical, measurable, relevant and consistent with the Association’s mission statement.

Membership Committee
Its purpose is to evaluate existing membership as it relates to the bylaws. Looks at opportunities for membership growth within those guidelines in the bylaws.

Nominating Committee
The committee is charged with submitting nominees at the annual membership meeting to replace directors whose term of office has expired.

Committee Members


Audie Burgan*
Jason Wickham
Jerry Nixon
Blaine Bingham
Tim Robinson
Insurance/Endorsed Providers

Scott Van Horn*
Brad Walden
Keith Greenwood
Eric Mason
Bill Garton

Craig Kleindl*
Brad Walden
Keith Greenwood
Eric Mason
Bill Garton

Tim Robinson*
Craig Kleindl
Blaine Bingham

Jason Wickham*
Jerry Nixon
Scott Van Horn
Education/Area Meetings

Ad-hoc Committee
Legislative Affairs

Ad-hoc Committee by State
Long-Range Planning

Same as Executive Committee
* Designates Committee Chairman