An area of increased focus by your Association is in educational programs for the dealers' employees and particularly relating to the need for better-trained service technicians due to the rapid changes in the equipment they service.
  • Annual Convention - The Association holds an annual convention that provides dealers a forum to exchange ideas; build social and professional contacts; attend seminars and dealer panels; participate in educational programming; and strengthen the bond between Association Members, their Board of Directors and Staff.
  • Area Dealer Meetings - We have devoted a great deal of time and increased emphasis by having meetings in all areas supported by the Association. These Area Meetings help keep our Members abreast of the issues affecting them and keeping them informed of what the Association is doing to support your goals and address issues specific to your area.
  • Western Center for Agricultural Equipment - Thanks to the financial contributions of the FWEDA dealers, suppliers and friends of agriculture, the Center is, among other things, the home of the FWEDA University courses.


Staying informed on important business and industry related issues are critical to the continued success of equipment dealers. If you want to be the best, you have to know what other dealers are up to and how industry trends will affect your business. Far West members are supported with the inside information to stay competitive.

The Association is a storehouse of industry information. Working with other organizations, including the Equipment Dealers Association (EDA), your association staff can provide answers to specific questions and problems that can help you in your day-to-day operations and long range plans.
  • Far West Bulletin - Published eleven times a year and a primary means of keeping members informed on issues affecting your business.
  • Free Legal Assistance Program - Through your membership in FWEDA and EDA, you can access free limited legal advice from EDA's Legal assistance program. Their number is (816) 421-4460.
  • Email and Fax - When information to members, inquiries or a specific action is needed fast, members receive that information within five minutes of each other utilizing, faxes and email. 
  • EDA Equipment Dealer - This monthly magazine from our national association provides you with important information and updates on the industry.
  • Personnel and Environmental Regulations/Issues - Labor Law Digest, Hazard Waste Management Manual, Environmental Compliance Manual, employment discrimination and wrongful discharge information, Guide to State and Federal Employment Law, and other information to help you operate your business.
  • Statistical Reports - Information such as the Cost of Doing Business Study and Wage and Benefit Survey so you can compare your operation to others.
  • Video Library - A free service to members containing safety information, management and sales training, and motivational programs.


FWEDA members' voices are multiplied many times as the Association represents its members at the local, state, and national level.
  • Dealer/Supplier Relations - Your Association assists dealers in resolving disputes through intermediary action between individual dealers and their suppliers, particularly as it relates to the Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, and Wyoming Dealer Protection and Buy Back Laws.
  • Legislative and Regulatory - Your Association's Board of Directors and staff monitor legislation at the state capitals to keep members informed and to become advocates of those issues that directly affect our members. Issues presently being monitored are: Association Health Plan (AHP) bill, which would allow associations to reestablish health insurance plans, Lien Law, Sales Tax Exemption, Streamline Sales Tax Project, air quality issues, workers comp issues and much more. If you have an issue that needs address, we are here for you. 
  • National Representation - Through the Equipment Dealers Association (EDA), FWEDA members have a strong voice on issues that directly impact your business.