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9/21/2017 Member News
Changes coming to Far West's 70th Anniversary Convention

Those who join us for Far West’s 70th Anniversary at the annual convention in Monterey will find a different look and feel from years past.

Thanks to the many dealers and industry partners we’ve spoken with over the past couple of months, we’ve gained valuable insight to better meet the needs of our association members heading into the convention, and ahead as we adapt to an evolving business landscape. We’ll continue these conversations to ensure FWEDA remains dealer-focused.

As convention Chair Eric Mason recently discussed, we’re modifying the program format, improving event flow, adding networking opportunities, and bringing back the suite setting for manufacturer hospitality night. Once again, we feature quality topics and speakers you’ve grown to expect.

We’re sharpening our focus on time, energy and resources to deliver what members say matters most: The experience. We return to one of the best-liked, recently remodeled venues at Portola, with golf at Del Monte. We trimmed some items from the budget to make the most of our sponsors’ generosity. We’re updating our visual presentation with a classic flair — fitting for a 70th celebration spanning the greatest generations. 

Look for significant changes in how we deliver communications this year. Our complimentary convention magazine is your go-to information source throughout the event. The deadline to reserve advertising space is fast approaching so don’t miss a chance to get in front of your target audience and support FWEDA. As an added value to our sponsors, advertisers and stakeholders, the magazine streamlines the registration process and consolidates all the “news you can use” into a single, commemorative publication. You’ll pick up your magazine, name badge and event tickets at registration.

Make sure you’re on our mailing list to receive the magazine electronically in the coming weeks. Please let us know if we can lighten your travel load and save resources at the same time by not mailing it out to you this year. For those who want printed copies, you should receive them in the mail around the first of October — the registration deadline to book hotel rooms before the rates go up.

We’re forming the “Friends of FWEDA” Silent Auction Committee to mobilize our fund-raising and reach the next level. We invite spouses to embrace this purpose-driven effort that supports critical FWEDA programs in place of the previous ladies’ board. Dealerships and industry partners are welcome to participate. With enough interest in advance of the convention, we can organize for next year during our time in Monterey.

Finally, we’re reaching deeper into a vision for FWEDA’s future, starting with a board retreat at the end of September. Far West leadership and staff expect to emerge from this session with a short- and long-range planning strategy we’ll present at the membership meeting during the convention. This strategy seeks to expand FWEDA offerings to our diverse member base, from small and family dealerships, to the growing corporate businesses across our seven states.

These are just a few of the highlights you can expect at this year’s event. Please reach out and let us know how we can make this experience even better. We look forward to seeing you at the convention!