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Open post R2R Tractor Mechanic

Customers bear the brunt of altering equipment

Tinkering with tractors has taken on new life in the face of technology. Increased productivity and reduced downtime replace the simplicity of hands-on repairs. This evolution brought about by technology sparked the heated debate over a customer’s Right-to-Repair equipment taking the country by storm.

Open post CNH Industrial Tractor

CNH Industrial launches new organizational structure

CNH Industrial N.V., one of the world’s largest capital goods companies, announced today it is laying the foundation for accelerated global growth and profitability by changing its organizational structure and strengthening and focusing its Global Executive Committee.

Open post Right to repair complex tractor wiring

Buyer beware: Right-to-Repair is not what it seems

From the outside looking in, people are often surprised how advanced technology dominates the equipment landscape. Notebook computers with complex software are now the tool of choice to diagnose and in some cases adjust, reset or make minor repairs. More comprehensive diagnostics and repairs require authorized providers to service machinery in person.

Open post Farm Bill Approved by Lawmakers

Farm Bill Approved by Lawmakers

AEM has petitioned CalOSHA and communicated its desire to see changes made to California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 3441(b). Title 8, Section 3441(b), directed toward all “self-propelled equipment,” mandates that an operator remains at an operator station when the equipment is in motion.

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