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Western Center for Agricultural Equipment
154 Hills Drive
University of California at Davis
Davis, CA 95616
530-752-1898 / 530-848-6446

Western Center for Agricultural Equipment

The teaching program sees approximately 300 students over eight regularly taught courses. The research programs involve approximately 25 researchers. The outreach component sees about 500 people attending various programs and events.

The Joe A. Heidrick Western Center for Agricultural Equipment is a teaching, research, and outreach facility of the Department of Biological and Agricultural Equipment. It is located just west of Highway 113 adjacent to West Village, an aspirational zero net-energy community. The 18,000 square foot building includes the Paulsen Lecture Room with kitchen, the Olsen General Teaching Lab, the New Holland Project Demonstration Lab, the Far West Equipment Dealers Training Wing, and the Mehlschau Design and Development lab.

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